CLIMAtlantic facilitates access to data and information that supports adaptation to climate change in Atlantic Canada through collaboration, networking, and partnerships.

Why does adaptation matter?

Due to the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere over many years, simply reducing emissions is no longer enough to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

As a result, adaptation is required and is key to managing the risks and worst-case scenarios from climate change.

What are the impacts of climate change?

The impacts of a warming planet are sea-level rise, inland flooding, storm surges, saltwater intrusion, biodiversity loss, increased extreme heat, drought, and erosion. The level of damage caused by these impacts can be reduced and sometimes prevented. The cost of prevention is far less than reactive measures after impacts.

How CLIMAtlantic can help

As awareness of climate change grows, so does the demand for climate services. Accurate data supports decisions to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Our focus is on creating a strong network, generating a wealth of information sharing amongst colleagues, in addition to supporting specific place-based work.

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The Ontario Chapter of the Canada in a Changing Climate: Regional Perspectives Report, published by Environment and Natural Resources in Canada, is now available.Building on the findings of previous assessments, this chapter identifies climate change impacts and risks specific to Ontario, evaluates adaptation progress across the province, and reports on knowledge gaps and emerging issues. The chapter assesses the knowledge base pertaining to both impacts and adaptation in Ontario, which has grown substantially since completion of the 2008 national assessment report.Read the chapter to learn more about climate change impacts and approaches to adaptation across Ontario.changingclimate.ca/regional-perspectives/chapter/3-0/~~Le Chapitre sur l’Ontario dans Le Canada dans un climat en changement : Le rapport sur les perspectives régionales, publié par Ressources naturelles Canada, est maintenant disponible.S’appuyant sur les conclusions d’évaluations antérieures, le présent chapitre définit les impacts et les risques liés aux changements climatiques propres à l’Ontario, évalue les progrès réalisés en matière d’adaptation dans la province et fait état des lacunes dans les connaissances et des nouveaux enjeux. Le chapitre évalue la base des connaissances sur les impacts et l’adaptation en Ontario, qui s’est considérablement enrichie depuis la publication du rapport d’évaluation nationale en 2008.Lisez le chapitre pour en apprendre plus sur les impacts des changements climatiques et les approches d’adaptation dans l’ensemble de l’Ontario.changingclimate.ca/regional-perspectives/fr/chapitre/3-0/ ... See MoreSee Less
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We're hiring!🌲🌳Nous recrutons!www.goodwork.ca/jobs/climate-change-science-jobs-and-bilingual-science-communications-jobs-65273Come work with us! We’re hiring a Climate Change Science & Adaptation Specialist. Help Atlantic Canadians incorporate climate data and projections into decision-making. Apply by August 26th: www.goodwork.ca/jobs/climate-change-science-jobs-and-bilingual-science-communications-jobs-65273We offer: - Flexible work hours- Benefits plan (competitive, health, dental)- Remote work from anywhere in Atlantic Canada- Competitive salary🌲🌲Venez travailler avec nous! Nous recrutons un spécialiste des sciences et de l'adaptation aux changements climatiques. Aidez les Canadiens de l'Atlantique à intégrer les données et les projections climatiques dans leur processus décisionnel. Posez votre candidature avant le 26 août : www.goodwork.ca/jobs/climate-change-science-jobs-and-bilingual-science-communications-jobs-65273Nous offrons : - Horaire de travail flexible- Un régime d’avantages sociaux concurrentiel (soins de santé, soins dentaires)- Travail à distance de n’importe où au Canada atlantique- Salaire compétitif ... See MoreSee Less
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The Ontario Chapter of the Canada in a Changing Climate: Regional Perspectives Report, published by @NRCan, is now available.

Read the chapter to learn more about climate change impacts and approaches to adaptation across Ontario.


Today, we are releasing the next chapter of the Canada in a #ChangingClimate: Regional Perspectives Report that is all about Ontario: http://ow.ly/fFvN50KkkMS

We're hiring!
Nous recrutons!


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