Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is an independent body with the main role of informing CLIMAtlantic on the needs, trends, and emerging climate issues facing Atlantic Canadians so that CLIMAtlantic can tailor their programs and services to best assist all users and decision makers.

NL Cape Spear
Sabine Dietz, PHD
Dr. Xander Wang


Dr. Wang is an Associate Professor in the School of Climate Change and Adaptation at the University of Prince Edward Island and he has over 10 years of research experience in high-resolution climate projection and flood modelling.


Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Dr. David Burton

Dalhousie University

Dr. David Burton is a soil scientist at Dalhousie University studying opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and how soil management can increase the resiliency of agriculture to climate change.

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Ashlee Cunsolo

MUN, Labrador Institute

Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo is the Founding Dean of the School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies of the Labrador Institute of Memorial University and a health geographer who works at the intersection of climate change and health, particularly mental health, ecological grief and anxiety, and intangible losses and damages.

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Charles Bourque


Dr. Charles P.-A. Bourque is Professor of Hydrometeorology, Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management at the University of New Brunswick.

Sabine Dietz, PHD
Joel Finnis


Dr. Joel Finnis is an atmospheric scientist with Memorial University, Department of Geography. His research addresses climate dynamics, climate adaptation, and communication of weather/climate risk.

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Patricia Manuel

Dalhousie University

Dr. Patricia Manuel is Professor of Planning in the School of Planning at Dalhousie University. She teaches and conducts applied research in environmental and community planning, specifically watersheds, coasts, climate change adaptation, social vulnerability analysis, and marine spatial planning.

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Garrett Mombourquette

Parks Canada

Garrett Mombourquette is a Climate Change Specialist in Prince Edward Island National Park, where his work focuses on building climate resilience while transitioning to net-zero carbon.

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
John Sommerville

NRCan (in Halifax)

John Sommerville is a Policy Analyst with Natural Resources Canada’s Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division. He is the lead analyst for Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform’s Coastal Management and Mining Working Groups and supports nature-based adaptation initiatives across the Platform.

Sabine Dietz, PHD
Mitch Downton

Atlantic Policy Congress

Mitch Downton is a Policy Analyst for Climate Change with the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat – he works to connect Atlantic First Nations communities with climate change adaptation initiatives and oversees climate research projects to benefit community members.

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director

Debbie Nielson

Federation of Nova Scotia Municipalities

Debbie Nielsen is the Infrastructure & Sustainability Officer for the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities (NSFM). She provides asset management and sustainability resources and support for Nova Scotia’s municipalities. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Design in Environmental Planning.

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Kathleen Parewick

Municipalities N&L

Dr. Parewick is a community planner and facilitator who supports MNL’s extensive municipal advocacy, policy and practice-related efforts through research, content development, engagement and education activities for the organization’s 275 member communities.

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Erin Burbridge

Clean Foundation

Erin Burbridge is the Director of Programs and Policy at Clean Foundation and oversees programs relating to coastal restoration and adaptation and low-carbon transportation.

Sabine Dietz, PHD
Nancy Anningson

Halifax Regional Municipality

Nancy Anningson is the Climate Change Specialist – Adaptation, for the Environment & Climate Change, Halifax


Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Tim Murphy

New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

Tim Leblanc Murphy is Executive Director of the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN), an organization that acts as secretariat for the NB Climate Change Adaptation Collaborative and is currently completing a multi-year BRACE project aimed at building capacity for the broad adoption of natural and nature-based infrastructure in adapting to climate change.

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Vincent Leys


Vincent Leys is a senior coastal engineer with the consulting firm CBCL, based in Halifax.

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Will Balser

Ecology Action Centre

Will Balser is the Coastal Adaptation Coordinator with the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax, NS