The CLIMAtlantic Team

We have a seasoned team with extensive experience in climate change adaptation, data, communications, and engagement mobilization as well as individual Provincial specialists. 

Cape Spear, NL
Sabine Dietz, PHD
Sabine Dietz, PHD (she/her)

Executive Director

Dr. Dietz holds a PhD in biology (UNB), an MÉE (UdeM), and a BA (Trent University). During her 30-year career in the environmental sector, she has worked for Parks Canada as an ecosystem scientist, in the private sector as a climate change adaptation consultant, and for non-government organizations on topics such as species at risk, ecosystem conservation, capacity building, and climate change adaptation. She has volunteered with many non-government organizations locally and regionally and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Nature Canada. She loves gardening, backpacking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, and cross-country skiing.

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Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Janelle Frail (she/her)

Engagement & Knowledge Mobilization Lead

With a science degree in Environmental Studies and experience in adult education, Janelle is happy to be back working to promote and connect for climate adaptations. Her past work involved 10 years supporting international cooperation organizations throughout the Atlantic, and before that, supporting environmental organizations throughout Nova Scotia and coastal communities with adaptation.

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Alex Cadel (he/him)

Nova Scotia Specialist

Alex holds a Master of Climate Change degree (University of Waterloo) and B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences (University of Guelph). He brings experience in downscaling and analyzing localized climate change projections, adaptation planning in the forestry sector, and managing climate change projects with the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq. Alex’s current work involves supporting Nova Scotians in accessing, understanding, and applying climate change data to adaptation decision-making.

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Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Stephanie Arnold (they/them)

Prince Edward Island Specialist

Stephanie completed their Chemical Engineering degree and MBA at the University of Toronto. After spending time in the private sector, they joined the UPEI Climate Lab where they collaborated with different sectors and organizations across the Island on climate change and adaptation issues. Their PhD research earned her recognition as a Top 25 “Emerging Thought Leader” from WIIS-Canada. Stephanie also serves on a number of community and provincial boards and councils, including BIPOC USHR, Provincial Anti-Racism Table, and Rustico Ringette Association.

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Jenna Miller (she/her)

New Brunswick Specialist

Jenna holds a MSc in Climate Change (University of Copenhagen) and a BA in Geography (Saint Mary’s University). She has worked with Parks Canada, NGOs, and academic institutions across the Maritimes. Her work has focused particularly on adaptation and vulnerability to climate change impacts in coastal areas, coastal erosion, as well as the intercorrelation of social factors such as language and gender with climate change impacts. She loves hiking, travelling and exploring, and curling.

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Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Sepehr Khosravi (he/him)

Newfoundland Specialist

Sepehr has more than three years of experience in the environmental industry and enjoys working with a diverse range of stakeholders to build up Newfoundland and Labrador’s adaptation capacity regarding climate change impacts. He studied Agricultural Science as an undergraduate student, and Environmental Science at Memorial University for his masters. He had the chance to travel and explore across Newfoundland which made him fond of the landscape, heritage and culture. Outside of work, Sepehr enjoys hiking in the Avalon peninsula trails and has a great interest in classic and international films.

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Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Willa Neilsen (she/her)

Labrador Specialist

Willa grew up in Atlantic Canada, originally being from New Brunswick and moving to St. John’s, Newfoundland and then North West River, Labrador at a young age. She is completing a Marine Biology degree at Memorial University and will finish this on exchange to Norway in 2023, where she will take courses focusing on marine and climate issues specific to the Arctic. She brings experience in training and project coordination, as well as a knowledge of the Labrador region and its unique needs and vulnerability in regards to climate change. Outside of work Willa takes advantage of all that Atlantic Canada has to offer, enjoying hiking, trail running, skate skiing, and snorkeling.

Emma Poirier (she/her)

Science & Adaptation Specialist

Emma is an Environmental Scientist with a MSc in Applied Science from Saint Mary’s University focused on coastal dynamics. While working in government and academia, she has gained experience in climate change adaptation, habitat ecology, and coastal restoration; providing project coordination and data analysis. She enjoys using data and technology to understand our physical environment. Emma likes spending time in nature, hiking, and paddling.

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Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Eva Thorpe (she/her)

Communications Lead

Originally from Ontario, Eva first moved to Atlantic Canada for university, where she reignited her passion for the environment and knowledge sharing. In 2021, she graduated with a joint BA degree in Environment, Sustainability and Society, and French, with a journalism minor, from University of King’s College and Dalhousie University. Eva has volunteered and worked with several environmental and social justice NGOs. She has written and worked in agricultural settings and has extensive communications experience. In her spare time, Eva enjoys trail running, hiking and photography.

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Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Minaëlle Green (she/her)

Communications Assistant

Minaëlle recently graduated from a BSc in Biology at the University of Ottawa. She has worked with several environmental and wildlife conservation NGOs, and has completed research on species’ extinction risks in relation to climate change. She loves hiking, freediving, photography and cooking.


Sabine Dietz, Executive Director
Cassandra Gautreau (she/her)

Project Coordinator

Cassandra holds a Master of Resource Management in Coastal and Marine Management (University Centre of the Westfjords) and a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences (Dalhousie University). She has experience working in agriculture and with non-profit organizations and currently sits on the board of directors for Eat Local Cumberland and Cumberland Climate Hub. She thrives in the natural landscape of Atlantic Canada by enjoying snowboarding through the winter, kayaking during the summer, while hiking and searching for waterfalls in all four seasons.

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