The CLIMAtlantic Team

We have a seasoned team with extensive experience in climate change adaptation, data, communications, and engagement mobilization as well as individual provincial specialists.

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Sabine Dietz smiles at the camera for a headshot which is framed by a yellow circle.
Sabine Dietz, PHD (she/her)

Executive Director

Sabine supports the CLIMAtlantic team practically and strategically, at the regional and national scale, and encourages new approaches towards achieving climate resiliency in Atlantic Canada. Her work on traditional approaches to climate change adaptation spans over 14 years, and she has worked with provincial and federal governments, environmental non-profits, and municipalities around this topic. Her Masters in Environment Studies (UdeM) and her PhD in biology (UNB) have given her a science-based understanding of seeing the world, supplemented by her deep love and caring for nature. Born in Germany and immigrated to Canada while studying, she now lives as a white settler on unceded Mi’kmaw territory in Siknikt (the Chignecto Isthmus, Sackville, NB).

1-506 227-7670

Janelle Frail smiles at the camera for a headshot which is framed by a blue circle.
Janelle Frail (she/her)

Engagement + Operations Manager

With a science degree in Environmental Studies and experience in adult education, Janelle is happy to be working to promote and connect for climate adaptation. She supports the CLIMAtlantic team with internal and external engagement and human resources support. Janelle thinks about the connections between environmental justice and international human rights and focuses on community building as part of her daily life. She is a white settler who lives on the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq in Sipekne’katik (East Hants, NS).


Stephanie Arnold smiles at the camera for a headshot which is framed by a green circle.
Stephanie Arnold (they/them)

Strategy + Innovation Manager, Prince Edward Island Climate Services Specialist

Stephanie works alongside communities, sectors, and governments on: using adaptation pathways, building accountability in adaptation, and bringing together different perspectives to address climate, environmental, and social challenges. Born in Hong Kong when it was an active British colony and currently living uninvited on unceded Mi’kmaw territory in Epekwitk, they strive to center reconciliation, community-building, and systems change in their work. Centering “disruptive kindness” has given meaning and purpose to their Chemical Engineering degree, MBA, and ongoing PhD studies.



Amanda Marlin smiles for a photo. Her face is framed by an orange circle.
Amanda Marlin (she/her)

Training and Learning Manager

Amanda manages the creation and delivery of our Climate Adaptation and Resilience Training (CART) program. She has a master’s in Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University and many years of experience working with communities to lead grassroots sustainability and adaptation projects. She is a white settler of Scottish descent who lives on the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq in Siknikt (the Chignecto Isthmus). She values the importance of rural communities and natural landscapes in her life and professional work. 

Adrian Prado smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a yellow circle.
Adrian Prado (he/him)

Adaptation + Innovation Manager

Adje’s work with CLIMAtlantic centers around better understanding how the environment, communities, organizations and sectors relate to one-another and function in order to leverage more effective, holistic and sustainable adaptation. While Adje has a diverse professional, academic and ethnic background, he primarily supports the team by sharing the experience he gained from working with small local governments. He currently lives on the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Wolastoqey in northwestern New Brunswick.

Eva Thorpe smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a blue circle.
Eva Thorpe (she/they)

Communications Lead

Eva loves to help and connect with others by sharing information and stories. She supports CLIMAtlantic with the creation of its newsletter, social media posts, and web and blog content, and by building a trusted communications network throughout what is colonially known as Atlantic Canada. Eva has experience in producing and managing communications content for agricultural, environmental, and social justice organizations. She is an uninvited white guest in Kjipuktuk, unceded Mi’kmaw territory (Halifax, NS).


Emily Kennedy smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a green circle.
Emily Kennedy (she/her)

Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator (NS Electricity)

Emily is facilitating adaptation efforts with stakeholders in the electricity sector in NS. She is passionate about co-development and IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility) frameworks, stemming from her previous work in food security and environmental justice. Emily holds a BA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from Acadia University, and a MA from the University of Manchester in Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction. She is an uninvited guest, living on the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq in Pinoek (Kentville, NS).

Armin Nikkah smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by an orange circle.
Armin Nikkhah (he/him)

Science + Data Lead

Armin’s work focuses on science and data initiatives at CLIMAtlantic, bridging research, academia, and practical adaptation. With over a decade of experience in climate change, his expertise spans a wide range of climate-related issues. With a PhD in Meteorology and a Master of Environmental Management (UNB), Armin is passionate about helping individuals, communities, and organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to adapt to climate change. he immigrated to Canada while studying and lives on unceded Wolastoqey territory (Fredericton, NB).

Alex Cadel smiles for a photo. His face is framed by a yellow circle.
Alex Cadel (he/him)

Nova Scotia Climate Services Specialist

Alex works for the Province of Nova Scotia, supporting the delivery of climate services in Nova Scotia in partnership with CLIMAtlantic. His work helps people to access, understand, and use climate change information so that governments, organizations, and individuals can make informed decisions about how to respond and adapt. He holds a Master of Climate Change from the University of Waterloo and a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Guelph, and resides on unceded Mi’kmaw territory in Dartmouth.


Jenna Miller smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a blue circle.
Jenna Miller (she/her)

New Brunswick Climate Services Specialist

Jenna leads the delivery of climate services in New Brunswick in partnership with the Government of New Brunswick, providing support in accessing, understanding, and applying climate change data and information. She has a particular interest in using natural adaptation approaches to reduce risk and vulnerability to climate change impacts in coastal areas. Jenna holds a MSc in Climate Change (University of Copenhagen) and a BA in Geography (Saint Mary’s University). Having grown up on Wolastoqiyik and Mi’kmaw territories, she currently resides along the Wolastoq (in Fredericton, NB).


Sepehr Khosravi smiles for a photo. His face is framed by a green circle.
Sepehr Khosravi (he/him)

Newfoundland Climate Services Specialist

Sepehr is hosted by econext, and as a climate services specialist with CLIMAtlantic, he collaborates with sector representatives, individuals, and governments to deliver climate services that enhance their capacity to address climate change. He is dedicated to engaging with communities, listening to their needs, and creating spaces for empowerment. Sepehr holds a master’s degree in environmental science from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador and a B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences. He resides in St. John’s, the traditional territory of the Beothuk.


Willa Neilsen smiles for a photo. Her face is framed by an orange circle.
Willa Neilsen (she/her)

Labrador Climate Services Specialist

Willa, a white settler, grew up as an uninvited guest on the traditional homelands of the Innu and Inuit of Labrador. She works alongside Indigenous communities as they adapt to climate change, and builds capacity by supporting needs and leveraging different ways of knowing to further reconciliation. Willa employs a co-development approach with communities, organizations, and governments to tackle unique challenges. With a background in marine biology, she also contributes experience in food security, citizen science, engagement, project coordination, and training.


Caitlin Peace-Williams smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a yellow circle.
Caitlin Peace-Williams (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

Caitlin’s work at CLIMAtlantic is all about helping the organization to be organized, efficient, and to maintain processes and systems that support this work. She has professional and personal experience in biology, community development, renewable energy, and agriculture. Caitlin is a white settler living on unceded Mi’kmaw territory in Gespugwitg (Annapolis Valley, NS).

Anna Jamieson smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a blue circle.
Anna Jamieson (she/her)

Engagement Specialist

Anna’s work with CLIMAtlantic focuses on engagement across the organization. She supports a variety of projects including the NS Community of Practice, Climate Adaptation & Resilience Training and Adaptation Pathways. She holds a BSc in Environmental Science from Mount Allison and an MA in Environmental Practice and Graduate Certificate in the Science and Policy of Climate Change from Royal Roads University. Anna is a white settler living on unceded Mi’kmaw territory in Punamu’kwati’jk.

Kate DesRoches smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a green circle.
Kate DesRoches (she/they)

Communications Specialist

Kate’s work focuses on public education and supporting CLIMAtlantic’s communications. Their experience completing a BA in Environmental Studies and Sociology, along with their participation in student-led climate justice activism during their degree, sparked an interest in exploring the intersections of climate change and social issues. Kate is passionate about building compassionate, equitable, and climate-resilient communities. She is a white settler who has lived on unceded Mi’kmaw territory for her whole life, currently residing in Siknikt (Sackville, NB).

Heather smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a orange circle.
Heather Harris (she/her)

Support Specialist

Heather’s work focuses on supporting CLIMAtlantic’s projects and service delivery, with a focus on work on PEI. She studied biology at the University of New Brunswick and has previously worked in both the fields of environmental and heritage conservation. She is passionate about nature, biodiversity, and sustainability. Heather is a white settler, living on unceded Mi’kmaw territory in Epekwitk (PEI).

Muntaka Siddique smiles for a photo, their face is framed by a yellow circle.
Muntaka Siddique (she/her)

Climate Adaptation Intern

Muntaka supports the Climate Adaptation and Resilience Training (CART) program and Adaptation Pathways projects at CLIMAtlantic. She holds an HBSc in Life Sciences from McMaster University. As a second-gen immigrant from Bangladesh, currently residing on the traditional unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik, she is passionate about community engagement, science communication, and environmental change through the lens of health and equity. She values life-long learning, dismantling systemic oppression, and working towards creating a resilient and equitable place for all.

Rebecca King smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a blue circle.
Rebecca King (she/her)

Climate Adaptation Intern

Rebecca supports CLIMAtlantic’s projects, primarily focusing on work in Epekwitk (PEI). She holds a Bachelors in Environment and Sustainability from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a diploma in Wildlife Conservation Technology. She has previous work experience in ecological restoration, species-at-risk monitoring, and project delivery. She cares deeply for nature and its complex processes, and is committed to promoting sustainable life habits. Rebecca is an uninvited guest who is currently living on unceded Mi’kmaw territory in Epekwitk.

Sydney Shephard smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a green circle.
Sydney Shephard (they/them)

Communications Assistant

Sydney assists CLIMAtlantic in communications by helping out with social media postings, website modification, and the newsletter. As an environmental science student at MTA who’s passionate about the environment, they are applying their climate change knowledge as they learn more about climate change adaptation, while providing accessible material that helps communicate and educate adaptation to the public. They had previously been involved in student-led climate activism, and had recently helped write a group research report for Fundy National Park with MTA. Sydney grew up on traditional unceded Wolastoqiyik territory in Quispamsis, and currently lives on unceded Mi’kmaw territory in Siknikt (Sackville, NB).


Camille Neri smiles for a photo. Her face is framed by an orange circle.
Camille Neri (she/her)

Climate Adaptation Assistant

Camille’s work focuses on research, and supporting community outreach on unceded Mi’kmaw territory in Epekwitk (PEI). Her values are centered around nature and biodiversity conservation, and environmental justice. Born in Mexico, she immigrated to Canada for her studies and is currently pursuing a degree in Applied Climate Change and Adaptation at the University of Prince Edward Island. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the natural landscapes of her new home and engaging with local environmental initiatives.

Ivo Reed smiles for a photo. Their face is framed by a yellow circle.
Ivo Reed (they/them)

Climate Adaptation Assistant

Ivo Reed supports climate change adaptation work in the agricultural sector as well as community outreach.  They are currently a student in Environmental Science on unceded Mi’kmaw territory in Epekwitk (PEI).  In all their work, Ivo centers the value that environmental issues can not be solved without also solving social justice issues. They have experience working with watersheds, museums, and mutual aid projects. Ivo has a passion for data analysis, event planning, and all things creative.