While climate change is a global issue, its effects are first felt on a local level. At the front line of climate impacts, municipalities have a considerable role to play in managing the risks from climate change. A number of communities, mostly larger municipalities, such as the Halifax Regional Municipality, have started implementing adaptation actions. 

A variety of resources to help municipalities adapt to a changing climate are available from CLIMAtlantic:

Coastal Adaptation Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help rural and coastal communities and property owners, who are facing flooding and/or erosion issues, plan for the effects of climate change. After completing the appropriate questionnaire, recommended adaptation options and scenarios will be available for download. 

Networking Map

Developed to build networks between individuals and organizations in Atlantic Canada, the Networking Map strengthens the region’s ability to respond and adapt to climate change. Individuals and organizations are welcome to add a pin.

[managed] retreat: the elephant in the adaptation framework

In this discussion paper written for CLIMAtlantic, Hope Parnham of DV8 Consulting, investigates the effects of managed community retreat while outlining the necessary steps for sustainable climate adaptation at a community-level.

A number of organizations provide support, either to help build capacity, for funding, or with tools, to municipalities:

Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)

FCM provides a number of funding opportunities for municipal adaptation action, which will be available under the implementation of the National Adaptation Strategy. These opportunities include, the Green Municipal Fund (GMF), a $1.6 billion program that provides funding, resources and training to municipalities, and the Municipal Asset Management Program, which supports municipalities in better managing their assets.

ICLEI Canada

ICLEI Canada, a global public policy and action network, supports municipalities through various programs, and develops tools and resources uniquely tailored to urban sustainability professionals. From national and international GHG protocols to case studies highlighting community innovation, local government staff and elected officials working with ICLEI enter a gateway to innovative solutions.

Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

Based at the University of Waterloo, the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation researches and develops resources and reports of interest to municipalities, including reports on the use of nature-based approaches, and guidance on homeowner flood protection.

Evergreen Canada

A national and environmental non-profit, Evergreen Canada provides numerous projects of interest to cities and urban centres, such as the Community Solutions Network.

As a nationally run data hub, provides access to and interpretation of climate data and projections across Canada. Two sector modules, transportation and buildings, may be of interest to municipalities and contain variables important to those sectors, as well as other information and resources.

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Fredericton, NB, with high floodwaters in the foreground.