What We’ve Been Up To: A Look Back at CLIMAtlantic’s Work in 2023

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January 8, 2024

Responding to hundreds of service requests for dozens of sectors, launching four new resources, hosting our second conference, expanding our team and so much more – we were busy supporting Atlantic Canadians in being better prepared for our changing climate in 2023. Here’s a look back at what we’ve done.

Service Requests

Our team of five provincial specialists – one for each Maritime province, one for Labrador and one for Newfoundland – provide direct, one-on-one guidance to help people understand information about climate change impacts and adaptation so that they are empowered to make good decisions for the future.

Over the course of the year, they completed a combined total of:

Service Requests

While our provincial specialists provide assistance to all looking for help with climate change adaptation, 

they completed the most requests in the following fields:


Non-profit organization (NGO)


Provincial governments


Municipal governments

And most often delivered these requests as:




Provision of resources, tools, reports and/or policies


Information booths at conferences and/or events

Events We Hosted

We hosted 10 events in 2023, from our second conference to online workshops to identifying collaboration and networking opportunities.

Jan. 23
Climate Risk, Responsibility, and Liability for Municipalities information session
87 attendees

Mar. 2
Evaluation 101 workshop, DIG
51 attendees

Mar. 21
Coastal Adaptation Toolkit Launch
199 attendees

Mar. 22
Moving from Planning to Implementation on Climate Change Adaptation, ICLEI & Evergreen

Mar. 30
Coastal Adaptation Toolkit Training
57 attendees

May 24
Advancing Adaptation Actions in Atlantic Canada
204 attendees

Aug. 10
Idea Exchange & Discussion: NRCan’s Climate Change Adaptation Program
55 attendees

Sept. 28
Smart Climate Resilience for Atlantic Canada, Evergreen

Oct. 19
Idea Exchange: NRCan Funding – Climate-Resilient Coastal Communities
77 attendees

Dec. 15
Newfoundland & Labrador Adaptation Workshop
48 attendees

Here’s a look at a few of the events we enjoyed hosting the most as a team:

Advancing Adaptation Actions in Atlantic Canada

On May 24, in Moncton NB, we hosted our second conference, Advancing Adaptation Actions in Atlantic Canada! A total of 92 in-person and 112 online attendees joined for a full-day of presentations and workshops which shared new adaptation work and approaches.

Idea Exchanges

Natural Resources Canada had funding programs in 2023, the Climate Change Adaptation Program and the Climate-Resilient Coastal Communities Program. In response to each funding call, we hosted an ideas exchange for interested potential proponents to pitch ideas and connect with potential collaborators. At the first idea exchange on Aug. 10, there were 13 pitches to 55 attendees; and at the second on Oct. 19, there were 17 pitches to 77 attendees. 

Events We Attended

We attended numerous events whether online, hybrid or in-person. The Adaptation Futures conference, in Montreal and attended by three team members, was noteworthy. Adaptation Futures, an international climate change adaptation conference was attended by over 1,600 participants from around the world, and CLIMAtlantic team members attended a number of interesting sessions during the 4-day event. Learn more about 2023’s conference here.  

Resources & Tools

We launched four new tools and resources in 2023: our Coastal Adaptation Toolkit, Adaptation Library, Adaptation Infographics, and blog! We also redid our Funding Opportunities webpage and saw dozens of pins added to our Networking Map.

Coastal Adaptation Toolkit

At the end of March we launched our Coastal Adaptation Toolkit (CAT), a resource for Atlantic Canadians to identify potential adaptation approaches for specific pieces of eroding or flooding coastline. Since the launch, there have been:


Times the tool was used


Resource downloads

Adaptation Library

In collaboration with ICLEI Canada, we transformed the former into our Adaptation Library, an access point for hundreds of publicly accessible documents, tools, and products relevant to climate change adaptation in Atlantic Canada. 

We officially launched the Library in early July 2023, and since then there has been:




Resources downloaded

Currently the Library has 333 resources, but we’re always looking for more! Please submit resources important to adaptation in Atlantic Canada via this form.

Adaptation Infographics

We published five adaptation infographics during the summer. They include: 1. Working with Indigenous Communities2. Forestry; 3. Buildings; 4. Water & Wastewater Infrastructure; and 5. Guiding Principles.


Launched in early September, our blog is a place for our team to share thoughts and explore various topics such as post-hurricane Fiona recovery efforts to data analyses, including articles from our Climate Data in Action collaboration with


Published posts



Fire & Our Communities: Strategies for Adaptation

Most read post

Funding Opportunities

Our Funding Opportunities page had a makeover, with additional sections for funding for Indigenous communities and applicants, and non-traditional sources of funding for climate change adaptation. Funding from provincial and municipal governments, and larger organizations are also listed, and our page is updated monthly with the latest information available. 

Networking Map

Our Networking Map is a tool for finding and connecting with individuals and organizations working on climate adaptation within Atlantic Canada. This year, 87 pins were added to our Networking Map for a grand total of:

Pins on the Networking Map

Our Social Media, Website & Newsletter

In 2023, we saw our social media audience grow across all platforms,website use increase by 95 per cent, and the amount of newsletter subscribers come close to 2,000.

Newsletter subscribers

Website users

Combined that’s a total reach of 23,223 followers, users and subscribers.

*Social media data from previous years were not available. The above statements are based on available data.

Our Team

Since CLIMAtlantic was created in 2021, we’ve grown into a team of 14.

Our team includes:

Sabine Dietz, Executive Director

Janelle Frail, Engagement and Operations Manager

Stephanie Arnold, Strategy and Programs Manager 

Eva Thorpe, Communications Lead

Amanda Marlin, Learning and Training Coordinator

Emily Kennedy, Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator

Emma Poirier, Science Adaptation Specialist

Our provincial specialists are:

Alex Cadel, Nova Scotia

Jenna Miller, New Brunswick

Sepehr Khosravi, Newfoundland

Willa Neilsen, Labrador

Stephanie Arnold, PEI

Our current climate services interns are:

Anna Jamieson

Heather Harris

Kate DesRoches

And some of our past interns and colleagues were:

Nick Carter, former Communications Lead, June 2021-Mar. 2023

Cassandra Gautreau, Climate Project Coordinator, Nov. 2021- June 2023

Minaëlle Green, Communications Intern, Nov. 2022 – June 2023

Lian Vroege, Climate Change Adaptation Research Support Officer, summer 2023

Julia Szujo, Climate Adaptation Planning Officer, summer 2023


2024 is just getting started and we’re excited to see where it leads. We encourage you to follow along and to keep in touch by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, adding your pin to our Networking Map, or simply contacting us directly by email, phone or our Help Desk.

Note: All statistics reported above are as of Dec. 16, 2023, except those for service requests which are as of Nov. 30, 2023.

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