Climate-Related Data & Information

In this section you will find different tools and data sources to explore, depending on your level of interest, knowledge and experience with such tools.

The tools and data sources combine climate science, mapping and storytelling to bring the global issue of climate change closer to home for Canadians. These tools are designed to help local, regional, and national action that will let us move from risk to resilience. This section provides access to several data collections ranging from observations, climate projections and reanalyses.


PEI Flood Projections Hebrides
NB Plants

Climate Data & Information

There is a lot of information and data available, and this page will help you decide what type of data and information is most useful for your circumstances.

Learning Zone –

Here you will find a very helpful resource on learning about how to navigate and access climate data.

NB Plants
Clearcut at Crooked Rapids

Videos & News

Here you will find relevant video, webinars, and news on climate change and adaptation strategies in Atlantic Canada