Le français suit. A graphic showing mountains and mist on the left and a forest on the right. In the middle is water, semi-frozen on the left and open and flowing on the right. In the middle of the image are three small blue graphics. Un graphique montrant des montagnes et de la brume à gauche et une forêt à droite. Au milieu se trouve de l'eau, semi-congelée à gauche et libre et fluide à droite. Au milieu de l'image se trouvent trois petits graphiques bleus.

The First Nation Infrastructure Fund (FNIF) provides support to First Nations communities looking to enhance their public infrastructure in nine categories, including but not limited to:

  • planning and skills developments
  • solid waste management
  • roads and bridges
  • structural mitigation
  • fire protection

By upgrading and/or increasing infrastructure within these catergories, communities can continue to improve their resilience and adapt to a changing climate.

FNIF is complementary to the Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program. The deadline to submit an investment plan for FNIF is the fall of each year, and there is no deadline to receive funding.