Help Desk

CLIMAtlantic helps people, communities, and economic sectors plan for climate change including:

  • easy access to both historical and future climate data and information
  • training and guidance to help you understand the data, information, climate change and its impacts
  • collaboration with climate experts
  • translation of knowledge from climate experts into information that is clear and meaningful

CLIMAtlantic can help you better understand current climate vulnerabilities, risks, and opportunities.

 CLIMAtlantic will:

  • Identify common issues, knowledge gaps and potential solutions related to adaptation;
  • Network, share information, and develop relationships to enhance cooperation and collaboration on existing and potential adaptation initiatives;
  • Work with community stakeholders in filling gaps to encourage appropriate adaptation measures by sharing information, offer training in the foundations of climate science, and build upon climate adaptation efforts underway.


CLIMAtlantic’s Help Desk is there to guide you through accessing and applying climate data and information in your work. Whether it’s assistance with locating the most relevant data, understanding its implications, or guidance on integration of climate data into decision-making, we are here as a free, public resource.

Please reach out over email, phone or in the form below: