In this section you will find different tools to help you connect with others working on climate adaptation with our Networking Map, learn how to best adapt to coastal climate impacts through our Coastal Adaptation Tool, explore resources for climate adaptation specific to Atlantic Canada through our Adaptation Library, and find a list of opportunities for funding relevant to climate change adaptation on our Funding Opportunities page. 

The words "Networking Map" float above a 3D map with colorful pins.

Networking Map

A platform for users to search and find individuals and organizations working on climate adaptation.

The words "Coastal Adaptation Toolkit" hover over a beach and hills.

Coastal Adaptation Toolkit

A toolkit to help Atlantic rural coastal communities and property owners plan for the effects of climate change.

The words "Adaptation Library" hover over an overcast beach, hills and an ocean with floating pieces of an iceberg.

Adaptation Library

A collection of publicly accessible and searchable climate adaptation documents, tools, and products.

The words "Funding Opportunities" hovers over a photo of fields and a large hill.

Funding Opportunties

A list of regional, provincial and national climate adaptation funding programs, as well as opportunities for Indigenous applicants.