A banner for a funding program from the Clean Foundation. Text reads "Employers receive: A 60% wage subsidy: employers benefit from a wage-subsidized program. New talent: added work capacity with 15-week and 9-week long internships. HR/admin and payroll services: access to Human Resources and payroll services including check-ins throughout the summer. OH&S resources and employer support: Occupational Health & Safety training and resources including interviewing, supervising, and mentoring support."

Clean Foundation partners with organizations to invest in training and employment for youth in the clean economy. Clean Leadership Summer Interns are trained with the knowledge and aptitude to become environmental stewards in their communities while delivering meaningful environmental projects during their 9 or 15-week summer internship. Organizations, located across Nova Scotia, that focus on climate change adaptation, mitigation, conservation, waste management, clean tech, active transportation, research and other areas rooted in the clean economy are encouraged to apply.