The words "We help New Brunswick innovators take their ideas further" in front of a black and white image of people in an office.

The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation’s (NBIF) Climate Impact Research Fund supports research in climate change mitigation approaches and contributes to understanding climate change impacts and successful adaptation.

The fund is open to researchers working in all applied research fields and supports a broad range of solutions and studies addressing climate change. Projects must include a strong HQP component (engagement of students or research professionals) and show a strong plan for knowledge transfer through engagement with a non-academic partner (e.g., industrial, or knowledge-transfer partner).

One specific stream of the funding is for climate adaptation, including research that will shape policies and approaches to protect environment and natural resources as well as the industries that depend on them. This stream also supports research that addresses the human and social impact of climate change, including impacts on the health of the population, communities and society.