Graphic for fund with illustrations of infrastructure

The Research and Knowledge Initiative funds projects focused on research and data related to housing, infrastructure and communities. Previous calls for proposals sought projects focused on community-level data/research for public infrastructure and funded projects such as the development of training and tools to support municipalities’ decision-making processes for nature-based approaches. This year the fund is seeking solutions to address housing and other community infrastructure needs, including affordability, equitable access, and adaptability to climate change and changing demographics. Priority will be given to projects which:

1) Test/evaluate solutions on a pilot basis, or undertake proof of concept analysis to study solutions in action, with robust methodology;
2) Investigate replication or scalability of solutions in different provinces, municipalities, communities or regions;
3) Develop and assess the application of new science, data, or technology; or
4) Extract and evaluate lessons and uptake feasibilities from practical innovations including outside of Canada.