A graphic that says "Protecting Freshwater" is overlaid on an image of a frozen river.

The Wolastoq/Saint John River Freshwater Ecosystem Initiative funds projects in the Canadian region (New Brunswick and Quebec) of the Wolastoq/Saint John River watershed which will improve water quality and ecosystem health. The program’s funding priorities are:
1. Advancing science and knowledge on the impacts of excess nutrients and harmful algal blooms/benthic mats or harmful pollutants;
2. Nutrient reduction; and
3. Indigenous knowledge, capacity building and engagement.

Examples of eligible projects related to climate adaptation include projects which will advance the understanding of climate change on nutrient pathways and other pollutants, implementing beneficial management practices to reduce nutrient loading into water bodies, and supporting Indigenous communities in this work through capacity building and engagement activities. More examples of eligible projects are available on the fund’s webpage.