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A Guide to Finding Climate Information & Data in Atlantic Canada

Published: 2024

Learn about climate data and projections, and access the right resources, for Atlantic Canada with our Climate Information & Data Guide.


Climate Adaptation Stories

A multimedia series exploring examples of climate change adaptation in Nova Scotia.

Protecting the Sacred Shores of Mniku

Published: 2024

In the first Climate Adapatation Story, learn about a nature-based shoreline protection project on Mniku (Chapel Island, NS) — a sacred gathering place for many Mi’kmaw communities — which has experienced severe flooding and erosion in recent years.

Extreme Weather Adaptation Options

These primers offers different ways to adapt to extreme weather events for individuals, communities, and municipalities including planning ahead, using nature-based approaches, built infrastructure, and policies and programs. They are not intended to be comprehensive, but rather short summaries of well-researched adaptation approaches that may be relevant for Atlantic Canada.

Coastal Flooding

Options specifically for farms and garden are also included.

Extreme Heat

High Wind

Inland Flooding

Options specifically for forests and woodlots are also included.

Climate Change Adaptation Resources

These infographics detail climate impacts on buildings, forestry, water and wastewater infrastructure, and Indigenous communities, and possible approaches to adapt to these changes. The other details four principles of taking action in climate change adaptation.



Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Working with Indigenous Communities

Guiding Principles—Doing the Right Things and Doing Things Right

Coastal Adaptation Toolkit: Adapting to Climate Change in Coastal Communities of Atlantic Canada

The companion resource, consisting of three parts, to our Coastal Adaptation Toolkit.

Part 1 Guidance for Selecting Adaptation Options

Published: 2023

Part 1 introduces climate change adaptation for the coastal regions of the Atlantic Provinces, and:

  • describes five main categories of adaptation approaches;
  • describes climate change impacts in Atlantic Canada;
  • characterizes coastal environments;
  • presents criteria for adaptation decision-making; and
  • links adaptation tools and strategies to Atlantic coastal settings

Part 2 Land Use Planning Tools Adaptation Options

Published: 2023

Part 2 presents the over 50 land use planning tools for coastal climate change adaptation that are within the Coastal Adaptation Toolkit. Overviews of land planning and management frameworks, and legislation that could support coastal climate change adaptation in Atlantic Canada and First Nations are also included.

Part 3 Coastal Intervention Options and Engineering Considerations

Published: 2023

Part 3:

  • presents the over two dozen engineering and intervention options to manage coastal flooding and erosion used within the Coastal Adaptation Toolkit;
  • describes their suitability for different coastal conditions and climate change adaptation objectives; and
  • identifies the technical and permitting requirements for these adaptation options.
Sea Level Rise and Public Health Implications

Created in partnership with the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health, this project examines how public health perspectives can be used to communicate risks and identify adaption measures for reducing adverse health impacts of sea level rise in the most vulnerable communities. Intended for public health practitioners, health authorities, impacted communities, and provincial and municipal climate change adaptation leaders.

Overview of Canadian Communities Exposed to Sea Level Rise

Published: 2022

An overview of Canadian communities most at risk from exposure to sea level rise. The geographical parameters of the study include the coastal areas of Atlantic Canada, Canada’s North, and British Columbia, including Indigenous coastal and island communities at risk.

Health Risks Associated with Sea Level Rise

Published: 2022

A summary of the available evidence on the impacts on human health and well-being that may be driven by sea level rise. This information is intended to assist public health professionals and others involved in climate change adaptation to better incorporate health considerations into adaptation planning for affected coastal communities.

Community-based Adaptation Approaches to Sea Level Rise and Health

Published: 2023

A review of a desktop scan of Climate change adaptation plans (CCAPs) for communities identified in “Overview of Canadian communities exposed to sea level rise” to assess if and how public health considerations have been incorporated into CCAP actions for vulnerable communities.

Identifying Health Priorities in Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning

Published: 2023

A report identifying key public health priorities and types of adaptation measures for communities likely to be impacted by sea level rise, and knowledge gaps and areas for further research. Input from focus group discussions and interviews from Atlantic Canada, Canada’s North, and BC, including impacted Indigenous communities, is included.


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[Managed] Retreat: The Elephant In The Adaptation Framework

Published: 2023

This paper sheds light on what is missing from current adaptation action planning and will outline some of the groundwork needed before managed retreat can be considered as an economically viable, socially acceptable, equitable, and sustainable strategy for enhancing resilience in Atlantic Canada.


Climate Risk, Responsibility, and Liability for Municipalities: Exploring Municipalities’ Responsibilities to Consider, Manage, and Disclose Climate Change Flood Risks

Published: 2022

A report to assist Atlantic Canadian municipalities in understanding how the climate crisis may affect their flood risk responsibilities and liabilities.

A recording of the launch webinar for this report is also available.



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Browse videos about our Networking Map and Coastal Adaptation Toolkit.

Walkthrough of two climate adaptation maps in Canada

Published: 2023

Learn about the Canadian Centre for Climate ServicesMap of Adaptation Actions, and the launch of our Networking Map.

CLIMAtlantic CAT and short documentary launch

Published: 2023

Watch the launch of our Coastal Adaptation Toolkit.

This recording also features a screening of our short documentary, Adapting to Climate Change – Atlantic Canada. (Found under “Documentaries + Tutorials“.)

How To Use the Coastal Adaptation Toolkit

Published: 2023

A walk-through of how to use our Coastal Adaptation Toolkit.

Launch Videos
View videos from our launch back in 2021.

Atlantic Canada’s New Climate Services Hub

Published: 2021

Learn about who we are and what we do.

Atlantic Chapter Release, Canada in a Changing Climate, and Introduction to CLIMAtlantic

Published: 2021

This webinar recording introduces us, and the Atlantic Provinces chapter of the Regional Perspectives Report.

Documentaries + Tutorials
Watch our documentaries and browse our tutorials.

Adapting to Climate Change – Atlantic Canada

Published: 2023

A short documentary highlighting climate change adaptation actions from across Atlantic Canada.

LucidSpark Whiteboard Tutorial

Published: 2023

A walk-through the basics of LucidSpark, a whiteboard software we use for some of our events and meetings.